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 Omni  -  EcoAire HVAC Solutions

Omni Waste Oil Heaters

Omni provides the Industry's ONLY Non-Carboning Oil Preheater block with Solid State circuit board controller. These items precisely control the oil and air temperatures to insure stable viscosity for optimum control of the flame resulting in a thorough burn. Heater block never carbons or needs to be removed for cleaning. Industry normal annual parts kit not needed with Omni's system! Readjustment of electrodes and nozzle replacement every 5 years is all that is needed due to erosion only.

Large lift out cabinet door (150/250/350/500 models) and a hinged end plate cover opening (250/350/500 models) makes for easy access to combustion chamber & heater exchangers for occasional vacuuming of ash deposit accumulation. Under normal operating conditions, seasonal cleaning is required. Some oils require only once a year cleaning.

Swing out burner door, no fuel or air lines to disconnect. Removal of one nut and electrical safety plug allows easy access to flame end cone and nozzle for quick service.

Our on-burner air compressor eliminates overnight risk to your shop compressor.

 Crimped Heat Exchangers

The seam construction eliminates the possibility of stress cracks when welded due to a heat effected zone. This can occur if overheated when flue gas passages may become blocked if not cleaned periodically or insufficient draft was present caused by
inaccurate installation.

All Models Come Standard With These Items and Features for Never Seen Before Performance, Ease of Operation and Service.

OMNI waste oil heaters are a "hands off" system - not requiring constant cleaning and adjustments. Operations others would have you believe are standard procedures.
With an OMNI you can eliminate your normal costs of heating, avoid the liabilities of handling and storage placed upon you (the oil generator) by the EPA and eliminate hauling costs.

With all of these benefits, you can realize a full return on your investment quickly; usually within the first 18 months.

Omni Air Conditioners

High Grade Stainless Steel with galvaneel sheeted cabinets for long life in outside applications Patented, waste oil direct fired absorption Air Conditioner Design. We successfully adapted our waste oil burner technology to the time tested and proven gas fired air conditioner design. It's performance exceeded our engineers' expectations!

 Easy Access

Lift out 3 large cabinet doors and removal of 2 securing nuts on swing out combustion chamber is all that is needed to allow easy access for occasional cleaning and service, when needed.

 Dual Purpose Manifolds

When burning waste oil, timed airblast manifolds self-clean the generator keeping ash deposit build up to a minimum, thus reducing required cleaning intervals. As backup to waste oils, automatically our manifolds will burn gas or propane to ensure constant cooling, while performing routine cleaning.

 Environmentally Sound

Join the conversion trend from conventional cooling systems - to the cost saving and environmentally safe ammonia absorption cooling process. Ammonia absorption has been a proven design since 1834. Some systems have been in operation more than 35
years without major service. Coupled with our many years of proven and advanced waste oil burning technology, makes this method of cooling a profitable choice for any waste oil generator.

Burning your waste oil on site is encouraged by the EPA, as cited in their ruling 266 of the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). Millions of gallons of waste oil are unaccounted for every year. Our system is environmentally friendly and reduces contamination of our aquifer.

Ultimately, you will save a lot of money with this wise investment. Payback in 12-36 months depending on your cost of oil removal per gallon and existing air conditioning costs.

Omni Waste Oil Burners

Unique design provides high efficiency. The OMNI cast iron boiler is a revolutionary idea in industrial heating. It utilizes the highly efficient, extremely durable Scotch Marine design principle that has been proven in decades of use in large commercial and industrial heating systems. Boiler is manufactured in Germany, and sections are assembled there as well.

Swing out door allows money saving serviceability. Unlike traditional boilers which require hours of disassembly, the OMNI's hinged front door provides instant access to all of the boilers' heat transfer surfaces. All service and cleaning can be completed literally in minutes, creating additional savings. A clean boiler is a more efficient boiler. This unique wet base design passes the hot combustion gases three times through the boiler under negative pressure. This maximizes the gases contact with the boiler's water surface area. The result: 84% Efficiency, Burns Clean, Zero Smoke.

 Competitor's Designs

Our competitor's conventional one-pass design is less efficient and requires time-consuming, cumbersome disassembly of parts for cleaning.





 Waste Oil Boilers Standard Equipment 

- Factory Assembled Cast Iron Sections
- Refractory Insulated Hinged Front
- Door With Sight Glass
- Insulated Jacket
- ASME Relief Valve 30 PSI
- Theraltimeter Gauge
- Draft Inducer (Optional)
- Boiler Drain
- High Limit Aquastat Relay Combination
- (L-8148A) Except Models 35 And 50
- Circulator - Except Models 35 And 50
- Relay - Models 35 And 50 Only
- Flow Control Oil Supply Pump
- Serviceable Oil Filter
- Pre-built Control Manifold
- Models 35 And 50 Only
- Low Water Cutoff Control
- Manual Reset High Limit Aquastat Control


 We look forward to serving you and your desires for a prosperous life.  


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