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Industrial Genset Sales

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Industrial GenSets


Tech Power Systems can supply your facility with an industrial Genset capable of up to 2000 KW.  This a world of advanced technology with the need to be constantly operational.  When you have to serve a customer base that spans time zones and Continents, it is necessary to have an uninterruptible power source and the ability to generate your own power on demand to carry your industry for an hour...a day... or a week, and for some...months at a time. 

 If your companyís needs are...to power your basic lighting in your residence, a cellular communications site, a server facility, provide electricity in remote regions of the world for emergency and hospital use or even the electrical demand of a 20 story building , at Tech Power Systems we can engineer and Install your system, warranted through a company in business for over 30 Years.


Service Contracts,  Maintenance, & Repair

Minimize Emergency Situations

Tech Power Systems  offers maintenance contracts that are tailored to our customersí specific requirements, and with the addition of a 24-hour emergency service, problems can be solved quickly and efficiently. 

We offer planned maintenance services in accordance with manufacturers recommendations to help your system operate at peak performance and efficiency. Full reports are sent to the customer showing evidence of work carried out and test results highlighting any defects discovered. Remote control and monitoring systems are available. 

There is a growing demand for professional maintenance and service. Tech Power Systemsí factory trained and certified service technicians are well equipped to undertake service and modification work with ease. We carry out extensive maintenance on all aspects of diesel and gaspowered plants. Our particular skills include the ability to look after the complete system with equal expertise in both mechanical and electrical situations.

Maintenance Contracts

Why should I purchase a maintenance contract?

Installation, Start-Up, Preventative Maintenance all performed by a trained professional.  We are trained by factory personnel and are experienced with all equipment, procedures and policies.

Put your generator system in the hands of an expert.

Generators require periodic preventive maintenance to ensure long-term, trouble-free operation.

Batteries, engine oil, anti-freeze and belts are all subject to deterioration, not only from generator operation, but time itself. Oxidation, corrosion, separation and fatigue all jeopardize your power system's operation.  Oil changes, fuel and oil filter replacement, air cleaner inspection and anti-freeze checks are very important.

Periodic preventive maintenance saves you money.

Early detection can help you identify small problems before they become major repair costs. Spark plugs, hoses, ignition systems, batteries, belt adjustments and exhaust checks all require maintenance performed by experienced service technicians.

Electrical power when you need it.

In an emergency, the cost savings when powering your sump pump, furnace, refrigerator or commercial facility can be lost if the generator system is not properly serviced. Remove any doubt or worry when your generator system is maintained by Tech Power Systems.

Warranty coverage.

 The warranty on any generator system depends on proper installation and maintenance. Count on Tech Power Systems to ensure your warranty provisions are always met. We keep a permanent record of all service repairs performed.

When you purchase a generator system from Tech Power Systems you have more than an investment, you have peace of mind.

As a commercial and residential generators supplier of diesel, natural gas and propane generator sets, we can assist you in choosing the right generator for any application from your summer cabin to your 2000KW mansion-sized residence. With experts standing by to help you, we will provide assistance through every stage of the processes leading to a fully functional operation to satisfy all your desires.




Load Bank Testing

Be Ready for Your Next Building Inspection

Load Bank Testing of generators helps to keep them ready for emergencies. You will know your generator output is up to specifications. Written test results are furnished with any recommendation for repair and added to your Service History.  Regular resistive Load Bank Testing provides this assurance. Regular testing is the only way you can make sure your power system will operate as specified when you need it most.

  Load Bank Testing allows a standby or prime power system to be tested and exercised under load to verify its overall reliability to perform in an emergency power situation. It tests a generator set engines ability to produce KW and the generatorís ability to produce KVA. It confirms the generator setís ability to come up to full load and stay there without overheating and possibly shutting down. Such testing also includes evaluation of other critical engine system specification such as oil and fuel pressure to make sure the engine is well lubricated and gets enough fuel to produce the power you need it to provide.  The load bank reduces the risk to the critical facility load of total loss of power and loss of quality of power.

Critical application of power such as hospitals, health care, computer data center, production facilities or just your home power system has created the need to maximize the quality and reliability of systems.  Especially for your diesel engine it is important that any equipment test is done with a real load attached to your generator in order not to damage your generator set while testing it. Load Bank Testing by Tech Power Systems will prolong the life of your power equipment and reduce the risk of engine or generator malfunction.

At Tech Power Systems we look forward to delivering Premium Services at an affordable cost!!


We carry a wide variety of GenSet equipment in addition to our website inventory.  Please contact us if you don't see the product you are searching for.  We can help you properly size your purchase for any commercial or residential projects.


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~ Our Industrial Equipment Ranges up to 2000KW ~


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