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Creating Energy Evolution through Innovative Design!

Tech Power Systems
integrates the power of electricity, independence, and alternative energy technology.  We are dedicated to efficient distribution of quality designs that increase human productivity, a sense of self-control, security, and the quality of life.

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          Alpha-Ali           Rack-mounted CFR  


   The new Alpha Uninterruptible, Power Supplies

contain parallel resonant conversion technology

(CFR-series) ensuring that your servers never fail.

Sine Wave output powers the most sensitive loads

with durable, outdoor design enclosures. 

  Perfected for server applications, advanced communications with standard UPS alarm contacts and expandable run-time capabilities make Alpha the quintessence of reserve power systems.

  Oneac Power Line Conditioners
provide the highest level of 

protection against power and data line disturbances.            
The "PCM Series" is specifically designed for global medical applications that require EC 60601-1 compliance for delicate situations.  These products significantly improve the reliability of their data and communication systems, regardless of conditions.                                                                                                 
PCM Series

Tech Power Systems carries the large range of 600VA to 750KVA for all your residential and commercial needs.  Contact us for assistance on specific sizing.


Industrial Standby Power is indispensable for many kinds of operations. Lengthy or recurring power outages result in financial loss, inconvenience or worse. Often, the investment in a standby generator set is recouped at the first significant outage.

Power generation equipment is built to exacting requirements. By its very nature, it must be safe, reliable and capable of routinely handling heavy electrical loads upon demand. That means uncompromising attention to close tolerances and exacting details, requiring manufacturing expertise and quality assurance at every step of
the process. 

  Tech Power Systems provides Sales and Service of Industrial GenSets and Tranfer Switches including Load Banking.  Our factory certified and authorized technicians can serve all of your Generators needs with a Full  Indutrial GenSet Service Contract.






Waste Oil Heaters Air Conditioning Waste Oil Boilers

The OMNI waste oil fired heaters, hot water boilers and air conditioners are Simple to  Install/Setup with Minimal Maintenance and Easy Operation rendering Omni the most user-friendly waste oil burning appliance available.  Advantage Omni, the Obvious Choice!

Eliminate ever-increasing energy bills and disposal costs of waste oils. Burning used oil on-site is encouraged by the EPA. Avoid handling and storage liability risks by turning waste oils into free energy with our waste oil furnaces.

The OMNI line of waste oil heaters, air conditioners, and hot water boilers burn cooking oils, fuel oils, crank case and gear oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids. They will safely burn all weight combination of petroleum products up to straight SAE 90W.





Co-generation, or Distributed Generation, distributes the generation of energy between multiple coordinated sources rather than being centralized into large power plants.


Landfill Gas is a commonly unutilized energy source.  Unused, the gas is flared, or burnt-off, into the atmosphere.  Utilizing this energy not only provides a renewable source, but additionally lowers greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) during the process.  Co-Generation systems, with the ability to produce electricity from this gas, are currently being adapted to many locations in the Midwest.  


Co-generation is one of the most economical method of generating electricity currently available.


For more information about Tech Power Systems development of natural gas pocket and landfill Co-Generation click here!




  SunWize Technologies Inc. Solar Systems are renewable energy sources for a sustainable energy market.  High efficiency photovoltaic, crystal silicone modules provide higher amp/hour per watt output than other technologies and include dual-bi pass diode protection.  These flexible and customizable systems will evolve your company's power capabilities.  Shell incorporates a wide selection of devices including:

Portable Power Generators, Wind Turbines,

Battery-Charges, and AC/DC Inverters.



Generac Power Systems, Inc. manufactures a complete line of emergency automatic home standby generators that can be installed during new construction or retrofitted into existing residences and businesses. Residential emergency home standby generators are permanently installed outside (similar to an air-conditioning unit), supply electrical power to all pre-selected lights and appliances, and are powered by either natural gas or LPG.

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