Our Vision

Humanity has always had the desire to work smarter and not harder.  This lead to the birth of technology.  The ability to work more productively and efficiently, harnessing the power of machines, permits our society an ever increasing abundance,  achieving a level of personal and creative freedom previously unknown.

Tech Power Systemís goal is to provide for itís clients the profitable and intelligent use of machines and the power that runs them.  This goal allows us the privilege of providing our customers with a higher standard of living than would otherwise be accomplished. 

This higher standard of living cannot come without a commitment to integrity; customer service and the evolutionary accomplishments of technology.

Our intelligent and creative use of electrical/mechanical machines enables to assist in the creation of wealth, and to provide a safe comfortable environment for our clients and their families. Tech Power Systems is also dedicated to helping our communities become sustainable and profitable, now, and for generations to come.   Integrity and intelligent labor drives our technological advancement and devotion to the well being of our customers and our employees.  

 Tech Power Systems

Dear Valued Customer,

Tech Power System is a traditional yet price competitive,  full-service,  factory trained and authorized Generac Guardian Dealer.

Our quotes are based upon thirty (30) years of electrical mechanical experience founded and directed by a master electrician and engineer.  We hire and train electricians and generator technicians to service all of our customers.  We also stock parts, and are prepared support our customers throughout the 10-15 year life of our generators units.  Tech Power Systems will maintain, repair, or replace any equipment as specified by the Generac Power Systems Warranty and process all documentation.

We will not compete with companies selling Generac units without using certified technicians that do not back their equipment fully, allowing them to cut costs at the customersí expense.

It is possible to find Generac Guardian Generators at a lower cost. Therefore it is  important to note this warning.  If a customer purchases a generator from a company that is not a factory authorized and certified dealer with technicians trained by Generac, they will forfeit their warranty the instant a un-authorized technician opens the unit for diagnostics, start-up preparation, or a simple oil change. This means they should not install or perform a graduated start-up on the system otherwise there will be no warranty at all per Generacís requirements for proper warranty initiation.  Remember, this is Generacís decision in order to avoid faulty installations and a multitude of Generator returns.

Tech Power Systems is not required to service a unit not installed by our company. It is not economically viable for us to service every Generac Guardian bought through other firms.  Our priorities are to our loyal customers.  We are a complete turn-key installation company fully authorized in the electrical, natural gas or propane, and generator integration.   Additionally, without the initial certified start-up of these systems, the customersí 2 year (2000 Hour) warranty would immediately be void.

While we are competitive, we will never sell our services and equipment so inexpensively as to possibly jeopardize our clients investment in a Generac Guardian. To ensure protection for the life of the Generac Guardians, which is 10-15 years if properly maintained,  Tech Power Systems will continue to be a viable and successful company for our customers.

Thank you for considering Tech Power Systems as your Certified Generac Dealer.

Gil Werner ~ Master Engineer/ President
James Harmon, Jr.
~ Vice President
Dan Brady
~ IT and Sales Director


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